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Familiar and Near By – Excellent und Professional

As a public regional hospital center (RHC), Hospitals fmi AG (Hospital Corporation of Frutigen Meiringen Interlaken) provides basic and expanded medical care in the Jungfrau, Haslital, and Central Bernese Oberland regions. The center includes a 24-hour rescue service, a 24-hour medical emergency service at the Hospitals fmi AG locations of Interlaken and Frutigen, as well as medical core areas of surgery, orthopedics, traumatology, internal medicine with cardiology, gynecology, obstetrics, and psychiatric services, with day hospital, offering numerous programs for family members. In Meiringen, Hospitals fmi AG operates, with predominantly private partners, a health center as a first medical contact point for the regional communities. Annually, around 50,000 patients receive inpatient or outpatient treatment at fmi AG hospitals.

Excellence in Many Specialized Areas

In addition, the Hospital Group Bernese Oberland has grown into a center of excellence for numerous specialized areas. This includes, among others, a specialized center for the musculoskeletal system, including sports medicine and spinal surgery, a department for visceral surgery, as well as modern dialysis and oncological stations, acute-geriatric care, many therapeutic and advisory services, a state-of-the-art radiological diagnostic facility, departments for ear, nose, and throat care and cardiac diseases, and an interdisciplinary sleep lab.

A Local Hospital in a Comprehensive Network

In the region between Lötschberg and the large Alpine passes of Susten and Grimsel, a large part of the medical needs of community members and vacationers alike are met without having to travel long distances. Close collaboration with the University Hospital in Bern, participation in the Bernese Oberland radio-oncological center and membership in the Center for Breast Cancer, allow Hospitals fmi AG to be closely connected in a network of ultramodern medical services. Considering the geographical size of our service area with its long distances, this is a definite advantage for our patients.

Rapid Aid

The emergency services organized by Hospitals fmi AG are exemplary. A modern fleet of rescue vehicles is always ready for emergencies at the health care centers in Frutigen and Meiringen, as well as the rescue center in Interlaken. In cooperation with private ambulance services (Adelboden, Grindelwald, and Lauterbrunn), Hospitals fmi AG offers a wide range of treatment services and times. In addition, the Swiss rescue air service, REGA, and the Air Glaciers, “the knights in shining armor,” are quick to help.

When Vacationers become Patients

A good medical infrastructure is not only of great importance to the community. Tourism, too, depends on optimal medical services, because more and more vacationers and tour operators select their vacation destinations based on the availability of good medical services. Today, one in five patients treated by Hospitals fmi AG, on an inpatient or outpatient basis, is a Tourist.

Important for the Regional Economy

With its almost 1000 employees, Hospital fmi AG, is one of the largest employers in Bernese Oberland, employing not only qualified professionals from around 80 different occupational groups, but also – with more than 100 trainee positions – playing an important role in occupational training and education in the region. The cash flow emanating from the Hospitals fmi AG, in addition to the salaries and taxes generated, amount to several million dollars annually. This helps not only small and large suppliers and craft or service operations but also the consumer goods industry and the communities in the fmi Region.